Holistic News is a portal dedicated to humanity, to people — our place in the modern world and the condition in which we find ourselves.

At Holistic News, we present and comment on current events, guided by the principle of “truth and goodness”. We take into account various phenomena from the spheres of sociology, education, politics, culture and art, as well as science and technology. We try to look at reality objectively and analytically, determinedly seeking answers to questions about the proper direction of global society.

We are part of the Fiducia Foundation which develops its activities in the fields of culture (Cavatina Hall), education (Holistic Think Tank) and media (Holistic News).


Anna Godek-Biniasz

Publishing Director

Manager in media. She knows the ins and outs of radio, press, and the internet. Educated in Russian studies and European studies. Always on the move.


Wojciech Wybranowski


Journalist, columnist, commentator, big fan of Lech Poznań soccer team, Polish fantasy literature, and unhealthy high-calorie cuisine.


Monika Sochacka


Journalist and marketing person. An extrovert discovering the secrets of this world. A lover of team sports, writing, creative imagination and the land of cherry blossoms. She starts every day with a big cup of tea.


Mateusz Tomanek

Journalist / Editor

A Cracovian by birth, choice, and passion. He practiced radio and television journalism only to ultimately devote himself to writing for Holistic News.


Przemysław Kołodziej

Managing Editor

Editor, translator, copywriter. Enthusiast of popular culture, old cinema, stories with “speech bubbles,” and computer games.


Radosław Wojtas

Managing Editor

Editor, journalist, and content writer. Involved in media for years. Active participant in culture. Enthusiast of museum exhibitions, castles, as well as new technologies and video games. Bookworm.


Joanna Sarata

Editor / Translator

Proficient translator with extensive experience in translating texts from Polish to English. A graduate of the School of Business at National Louis University and the Community College of Philadelphia.


Marcin Smolik

Event Manager

Festival producer, artist promoter, and event manager. Work must be a challenge, otherwise, it loses its meaning.



Krzysztof Andruczyk

Literary scholar, PhD. Studies the evolution of Polish cultural myths, romanticism and (...)

Adam Chabiński

In the media for 30 years. He reads other people's texts. Sometimes (...)

Szymon Cogiel

He became a psychologist to better understand the characters in the books (...)

Anita Czupryn

Multimedia journalist, film and television documentarian, author of non-fiction books. (...)

Dariusz Dudek

Editor and copywriter who majored in theology. Interested in self-development and psychology. (...)

Marek Dudziński

Journalist and lecturer. Author of articles promoting a healthy lifestyle. Interested in (...)

Wojciech Harpula

Journalist, editor, and media manager. Former editor-in-chief of "Gazeta Krakowska" and "Kurier (...)

Dariusz Jaroń

Content marketing specialist with his heart in journalism and English translations. An (...)

Radosław Kazibut

Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy at Adam Mickiewicz University, philosopher of (...)

Jarosław Kordziński

Trainer, coach, mediator, and moderator of development processes for people and organisations, (...)

Magdalena Kozak

Deals with contemporary philosophy, mainly French, in the current of existentialism, philosophy (...)

Waldemar Kumór

Born in 1966; graduate of the University of Warsaw; in the years (...)

Małgorzata Mroczkowska

A writer and journalist based in London since 2004, she is the (...)

Dariusz Rostkowski

The first studies: philosophical, the second: economics. Passionate about non-obviousness - non-obvious (...)

Łukasz Sakowski

Lukasz Sakowski is a biologist, journalist and science blogger. He is a (...)

Katarzyna Sankowska-Nazarewicz

A graduate of Journalism and Social Communication, Film Studies at the Jagiellonian (...)

Mateusz Schuler

Journalist, philosopher, Ślůnzok (in Silesian dialect: an inhabitant of Silesia, Silesian). The (...)

dr Dorota (Dota) Szymborska

Ethics of new technologies expert, in 2022 awarded TOP 100 Women in (...)

Dominika Tworek

A social journalist and a freelancer. A published author. Her works have (...)

Jan Waligorski

Cognitive scientist, techno-anthropologist, researcher of virtual worlds, interested in virtual embodiment and (...)

Anna Wolska

Journalist, editor, theatrologist. A long-time collaborator of leading titles of the Polish (...)

Krzysztof Zaniewski

A careful observer of reality, a musician, who likes philosophical considerations as (...)